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Prototipų ir galutinio vartojimo
detalių, priedų gamyba
3D spausdinimo
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Upload Your 3D models into online 3D quoter and get Your instant price quote.


  • Minimum order value: 40EUR w/out VAT
    • from 20EUR per possition
    • from 20EUR per material grade
    • if multiple material grades are selected, lead time might vary
  • SLA:
    • from 25EUR per possition
  • For prototypes and series up to 100pc prices are quoted instantly
  • For series exceeding 100pc either 500EUR please inquire for individual quote
  • Please provide target production price if possible

Following post processing options are available:

  • Standard / Complimentary: after SLS and MJF production parts are manually cleaned from excess powder and glass bead blasted to remove any residual powder, manual hole cleaning/opening.
  • Standard / Complimentary: after FDM and SLA production support structures are removed, support marks are manuall cleaen to best extend and minimum possible residual marks.
  • Vibration polishing: parts are uploaded into a tumbling device and vibro cleaned by ceramic pallets. Vibrating the workpieces with the pallets surface roughness and layer marking is significantly reduced.
  • Chemical polishing: SLS, MJF and FDM wokpiece surfaces can be smoothened by a chemical polishing vapors. It is possible to obtain injection molded-like surface finish, as low as Ra0.8 roughness.
  • Threads: thread press insets might be installed or mechanical therad cutting performed (design limitations applies).
  • Painting/Coating:
    • Dye coloring, i.e. submerging the workpieces into a piment bath. Is perfect fit for SLS and MJF workpieces. Standard color – black, other colors available. Quality, homogenious workpiece color for a reasonable price.
    • Wet spray painting. Appplies for prototypes and small series. Various colors and specifications available. Coating might enhance surface finish.
    • Sealer coating/impregnation. Applies gfor SLS and MJF workpieces. Enhances surface integrity parameters, might achive water and air tighness finish.

Instant quoting engine accepts below file types:

STL, STEP, STP; OBJ; X_B; x_t;

Lead time is the span of time between Your order confirmation and despatch of parcell with Your finished goods inside. Lead time estimates are:

  • Order confirmation/DFM analysis: within 24 hours from receiving Your order and/or DFM (design for manufacturability) feedback
  • Standard production: 5-7 business days from the next day of Your order confirmation
  • Applicable for all technologies and materials is quantities does not exceed 50pc or 500EUR
  • Express production is optional: 3-4 business days, manualy confirmed

Shipped by various courier services within Lithuania..

Shipped internationally by DHL/UPS/DPD courier services (lead time varies by coutry of destination).

Maximum producable workpieces sizes are:

  • MJF: 380 x 280 x 380 mm
  • SLS: 600 x 350 x 560 mm
  • FDM: 600 x 900 x 900 mm
  • SLA: 300 x 300 x 250 mm

Minimum workpiece size and feature limitations are:

  • Design dependand, minimum workpiece 10x10x10 mm
  • Wall thickness, letters, engravings, holes etc. not smaller than 1mm
  • in case of wall thickness, letters, engravings, holes etc. in provided part design being lower than 1mm, producability risks remains with Customer

Technologie and materials

HP MJF Multi Jet Fusion

MJF properties

Fusing using agents

Prototypes and end-use functional parts

  • Polyamide PA 12
  • Polyamide PA 11
  • Polyprolinele PP
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane TPU 88/95A (rubber-like)
  • Polyamide CB PA 12 (for full color printing)

380 x 284 x 380 mm

    • Standard:
      5 business days (PA 12),
      7 business days (PA11, PP, TPU, CB PA 12)
    • Express:
      3-4 business days (PA 12)

Project overview



SLA properties

Printing from resins

High quality and reslotution prototypes

300 x 300 x 250 mm

    • Standard:
      5-7 business days
    • Express:
      3-5 business days

Project galery


SLS Selective Laser Sintering

SLS properties

Sintering by laser

Prototypes and fully functional, heavy duty end-use parts

    • PA11, PA12, TPU:
      335 x 335 x 600 mm
    • PA AL, PA12-GF, PP:
      192 x 240 x 315 mm


    • Standard:  5-7 business days
    • Express: 3-5 business days

Project overview


FDM extrusion filament modeling

FDM properties

Extrusion filament modeling

Prototypes and functional end-use parts

600x900x900 mm


    • Standard:
      3-5 business days
    • Express:
      3 business days

Project overview


High quality parts within few days !!!

Short lead time, for one-off workpieces and higher quantity series, high quality and low cost prototyping – we make sure You are a step ahead.
Use instant online price quoting tool or get Your individual manual offer from our technical customer support.


Modeling, engineering, automotive industry, architecture, arcraft industry, art and design, medical applications, consumer goods


Concept prototypes, exhibitiom models, functional models, prototypes, small and medium series, spare replacement parts, architecture, product design, marketing (gifts), individual workpieces


Usefull links

Your instand online quote here !!!

If You don’t know which technology or material suits best for Your project, please contact us with request with short application summary. We shall analyze and advise You with the most suitable solution for Your parts production.


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